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Portfolio - Natural Sandstone Patio

Natural sandstone slabs in various sizes in Sunset Buff showing a nice range of natural colours, shown dry and wet.

Natural Sandstone slabs joints being done
Natural Sandstone patio slabs
Slabs in various sizes plus photographer!
Natural Sandstone patio
Natural Sandstone slabs wet
Natural Sandstone patio wet

What to expect from Heritage Construction:

  • A professional and friendly service from initial visit through to contract completion.
  • Full third party, public and employers liability insurance.
  • Pro-active communications of the job progression with customer comments and feedback invited.
  • A safe and tidy site acknowledging Health & Safety regulations, with work areas left clear and tidy on contract completion.

For slab paving:

  • The area is fully excavated to a minimum of 175mm below the finished level, taking into account the Damp Proof Course.
  • A grab lorry with full operating licence and appropriate waste disposal license is used to dispose of waste material.
  • Sub base is levelled and compacted.
  • Type 1 Roadstone is laid, 70mm deep. The Type 1 Roadstone is the thoroughly compacted using a plate compactor.
  • At this stage any necessary drainage is installed.
  • All outer blocks/kerbs are then laid on a lean mix concrete bed and haunched behind. 
  • Slabs are laid on a full sand/cement mortar bed of 65mm taking into consideration falls for drainage and/or water soak away.
  • All angles and cuts are made using a professional block splitter.
  • Joints are finally hand pointed and struck smoothly with a jointing iron.

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